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Sound of Joy operates mainly as combination of the members of the team depending on the nature of an event and the preferences of the client. Some clients prefer keyboards and flute for an intimate dinner or for a small wedding, some like a combo playing quietly in the background for an awards dinner while some like energetic upbeat music all the way for a large cocktail party, and some clients like a combination of all of these. Some would request a vocalist and some prefer just instrumental entertainment.

The entertainment  service offered and the cost depends on :


 The nature of the event: Graduation, small intimate dinner, wedding, funeral reception, business luncheon, product launch, cocktail party anniversary celebration
 The venue: Small room, large banquet hall, garden, large stage
 Program: Instrumental only, vocalist(s), vocal group, items or  continuous play
 Musical taste: Classical, pop, folk, ballads, soca, reggae or a mixture of all of these


 Scotia Singers





Other services

Musical coordinator: For weddings, anniversaries, awards, church services, funerals, and special celebrations, a musical coordinator will guarantee beautifully prepared and delivered entertainment with all support services in place.
Production coordinator: This is the person who, working with a team will pull together all the elements to deliver a production of the highest quality.
 Composer: Many persons have written beautiful lyrics and require a composer to set those words to music. Others require a theme song to be composed for special event.
 Arranger: This is requested for persons who have ideas of a melody and need to have it arranged  for a group, or structure into a song.
 Notation service: Requested for persons who need to have a song professionally scored and published






All your favourite music: Latin American, reggae, blues, gospel, ballads, pop, oldies, jazz standards, folk, soca, European classics, Jamaican classics.

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